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Show Room New Glass Finish
I purchased the NewGlass2 ( ) Fiberglass Beautifier and Protector.  Here is the process and results.


I totally wet sanded the entire boat with 600 grit sandpaper.

   Coat One               Coat Two             Coat Three            Coat Four    

Overall it was easy to apply... it takes just 30-40 seconds (not minutes) between coats... make sure to smooth out any runs or drips before it hardens.

Spinnaker Testing

First time using the spinnaker... and yes the spinnaker will move the boat with the trailer... much to my surprise.
Since the X is a cruiser not a racer, I sold the spinnaker.


Winter Storage

So after about 8 years the cover (below) ripped to pieces, so I got this 15 ft x 30 ft cover from  $297. 
It is heavier to put on, it is what they use on roofs of play structures. 
I also have PVC caps on topof the stanchions to keep from chaffing and puncturing.
If it becomes too heavy for me.. or I get too old, I will build a permanent wood structure and use the tarp as the roofing material.

(15' x 30' Vinyl Tarp 18 OZ Vinyl Coated Polyester - Black Color, VCT181530BLK)

The cover was about $150 from Overtons... heavy duty, silver on one side black on the other... strong grommets.