NC Sail

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This is a North Carolina Sailors Pick Up Sailing Event. 

 This means each Captain is solely responsible for the safety of the Captain, the Captain’s Boat and the Captain’s Crew. 

North Carolina Sailors will be present to help with local knowledge and to help us all have fun.   They will not be there to protect Captains, Crews and Boats from doing Stupid Stuff!  So keep the boat on, not under, the water, off the land and keep the Crew in the boat!
If weather allows, we will sail from Beaufort, through Beaufort Inlet, on the Atlantic Ocean and to Cape Lookout.

         There will be a Captains meeting with
      SOMEONE on Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

Channel 69
Please make sure you’re in contact with
someone or buddy up with someone
as a safety precaution for those
 traveling to and from Capt Lookout.

Below is a list of suggested items for the trip beyond the normal equipment on your boat:
l VHF radio
l Chart of Cape Lookout
l Compass
l     Two anchors and anchor rope
l GPS optional
l Sunscreen
l      Bug repellent

  We have the option of sailing on the sound
 if weather is poor or only sailing to Shackleford Banks if even worse.  If the weather is just awful, we can motor to Morehead City or sail in very protected Taylors Creek at Beaufort.


l      Lots of water
l Meal/drink for Crew for 2 lunches, one breakfast
 and cookout food for beach dinner cookout . 
l      One food dish to share at beach cookout.
l Folding Chairs
l Trash Bags to unload from island

Each Boat should have Coast Guard required
                                  safety equipment at a minimum.